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This weeks Fabulous Follower: Jill Goldberg

Name :  Jill Goldberg (50)

Tell us a bit about your family: One daughter, currently on a gap year in London; 2 cats, Flotsam and Jetsam

What do you do: I am a freelance editor and proofreader, and I am part of a small business called Jam Tarts – we make and sell homeware, accessories, jewellery, etc. (check out Jam Products @ jamtarts.co.za)

What do you spend your spare time doing: I love what I do so much (even the marketing and admin!) that I don’t differentiate between spare time and work time.  It’s just all my time 🙂

Where do you live? In the dinky little suburb of Rosebank in Cape Town. I have Rondebosch Common on my left and Table Mountain on my right. Can’t beat that!

Where would you go:
On a date/date night?
To the Blue Marlin in Observatory for sushi. Lots of sushi.

For coffee with the girls? Knead in the Dean Street arcade in Newlands, or at Palmyra Junction in Claremont.

Weekend Lunch with Friends? The Blue Waters restaurant at Imhoff Farm in Kommetjie – excellent pizzas and menu generally, and reasonably priced. And you can sit outside and watch the horses.

For a bit of R&R? My bed, with a good book (or with someone who’s read one).

Shops you love:
For Clothes:
Habits (just can’t afford it!); Mystic Rose in Kalk Bay (can afford it!)

For Food: I love all shops that sell food. They are my favourite kinds of shop.

Home ware: ummmmm….Woollies has good all-purpose stuff, and I can usually find what I’m looking for. Affordable, too.

Vintage: Nah, not for me. I do like looking around at the vintage market at the monthly Labia theatre in Orange Street, but that’s more for the people than the clothes.

Other: Junk shops and charity shops! I love them all – I never leave one of them without some kind of a bargain or an item just crying out to be rescued and revamped.

What is your one travel tip:  My only travel tip is, when packing, lay out everything on your bed what you think you should take with you. Then divide it by half – TWICE! You will probably still have more than you need.

What is your best bargain buy? My sewing machine: I had to buy a new one when my old Elna was stolen in a burglary, and just as I was looking Bernina had a special offer that month. I use my machine all the time – making new things, altering clothes, mending things. It was worth every discounted cent! I don’t neglect to have it serviced once a year, though, because this keeps it running perfectly.

In our Make Up bag what products can’t you live without and why? I can’t live without any of my cosmetics. I use Mac everything. If I’m not wearing make-up, people think I am ill. Even my GP!

What are your 3 Cheap Luxury tips?

  • I never buy canned soup – once a week I make a huge pot of soup with fresh veggies and lentils and pearl barley. It’s easy, quick and healthy. And I always add a good dash of Worcester sauce.
  • I keep a spreadsheet of all my expenses, even small things like parking and lotto tickets. That way, I keep good tabs on everything, and find it easier to manage a budget.
  • Most banks will waive bank charges if you keep a minimum specified amount in your account. I do, and so never pay any bank fees or atm withdrawal charges.

3 things about you would SPLURGE on:

  • My car – every girl deserves a Mini Cooper 🙂
  • Perfume. Perfume. Perfume.
  • Leather shoes and boots – always!

3 things about you would SAVE on:

  • I save on take-away lunches for work because I prefer to pack my own.
  • I save on telephone charges because I use call-more (with a teenage daughter, this can make a huge difference!)
  • I save on electricity because I have the geyser off about 22 hours a day.

If you would like to be featured as one of our Fabulous Follower please send me an email we just love hearing from you!



PS. All our Fabulous Follower articles are written by the followers themselves and are not necessarily the opinions of Cheap Luxury.




6 thoughts on “This weeks Fabulous Follower: Jill Goldberg

  1. Thanks, Natalie! You’re a superstar 🙂

    Posted by Nice piece of work | August 3, 2012, 1:40 pm


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