Feather Dusters and Elbow Grease – 4 Rules for Stress-free Spring Cleaning

Brandish your feather dusters and roll up your sleeves, it is time to clean out the winter cob-webs – both physically and mentally (speaking to myself here too) and get into a little bit of spring cleaning. Each week this month I will give you some spring cleaning tips so hopefully by the end of the month you and your house will be good, clean and fresh and ready for summer! Let’s start with something easy, the last thing I want is to be completely overwhelmed and to give up before I even begin.

Here are 4 rules to help you take the STRESS out of your spring cleaning :

1. Make a list: The worst thing you can do is try and tackle too many things at once. Making a list of the things that need to be done, starting with the most important items first, will prevent you from being distracted. If your have prioritised the kitchen cupboards don’t wander off and start tackling the bathroom.

2. Be realistic: Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Rather clean a cupboard a day than try and do everything at once and end up completing nothing.

3. Many hands make light work: Don’t try and do everything yourself. Divide up the work amongst your family with everyone tackling a different task; it is amazing how quickly things can be done  If you don’t have family to dish out the dirty work to, then why not involve your friends. Start a Cleaning Club: Get a group of f friends together, and set a date to go a clean each others houses. Make it fun, I find music and food always make for happy workers, so make sure the host for each week provides food and drinks for the labourers.

4. Outsource: You don’t have to do it your self. Why not get in a cleaning service, (we recommend Mollywood Maids) to do all the heavy work, like the carpet cleaning and window washing. It might cost you a bit of money but think of all the time it will save you.

Yours in soap-suds!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jacqui Sinek says:


    Just a tip for sinus sufferers. I learnt this the hard way. If your spring cleaning involves getting into dusty areas, wear a surgical face mask. I know it makes me look a bit crazy when I’m cleaning out my garage in the complex, but who cares. It beats having a dreadful sinus infection for a week and paying hefty doctor’s bills !

    Ciao !


    1. Cheap Luxury says:

      Great tip Jacqui 🙂 Thank you

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