Wise Words

It is not your right to pursue happiness….

Stop! Walk away from the materialistic pursuit of happiness. It is a consuming trap that makes you believe that your happiness is found in the future. The truth is that it is your right to be happy right now, this moment. The definition of pursuit is; the action of pursuing (chasing) someone or something. What does this tell you? That your right to happiness can never be found? That your feelings of contentment will always be one step ahead of you, just out of your reach? You don’t need to chase happiness. Happiness is a state of being, not something that you can buy. Stop thinking that “When I get…(a new car, a new mobile, new clothes) or when I am…(thinner, older, richer, or on holiday)…then I will be happy.”  I promise you that the happiness that you get from acquiring new things is fleeting. It will hold your attention for a moment and then be gone, leaving you craving for your next hit of happiness. You have a right to be happy not just chase after a future feeling of fulfillment. So stop this pointless pursuit, take a moment…….(breath)…….step outside, count your blessings and take a stand, for it is your right to be happy right now!






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