Homemade Tomato Ketchup

With the approach of autumn I seem to have got my Kitchen Goddess on and have been pickling and bottling anything that will stand still long enough. Alas for the modern life and lack of space for a veggie patch and orchard, but we have a wonderful market garden outlet not too far from us. One has to shoulder one’s way through the crowds buying up trolley-loads of fruits and vegetables, many of which are fresh from the farm. Oh bliss to have a couple of bottles of fresh apricot jam in the early summer, and marvelous plum jam in the autumn. Recently I rediscovered an old book of pickles and preserves and have delved into it and found a delicious recipe for tomato ketchup and other delights that I will be sharing with you from time to time.The tomato ketchup that tastes far better than the store-bought one and I am having trouble keeping up the supply.


1 kg of very ripe red tomatoes. (If they are still a bit green when you buy them, leave them on the kitchen counter to ripen completely. Never put tomatoes into the fridge, at least until they are properly ripe).

1 large onion chopped

about 8 pieces of sun-dried tomato chopped1-DSC08769

2 cloves of garlic chopped.

1 tps paprika

1 tps cayenne pepper

1 tps salt

1 cup white sugar

cup white vinegar

peel the tomatoes, by pouring boiling water on them, leave them to cool, spike them with a sharp knife and slide the skin off. Chop them up and place in a large microwaveable bowl, with the onion and garlic. Then I add the other ingredients and cook it till the mixture is soft and pulpy.  I do this to save electricity because the process is quite long. At this point I transfer the tomato mixture to a heavy bottomed pot and cook it over a very low heat until it has a thick even consistency, stirring frequently so it doesn’t burn. It becomes darker as it cooks. Whizz it in a blender  and heat it again, before bottling in sterilised bottles. This makes about 2 medium bottles of ketchup. Store in the fridge, and be prepared to make some more very soon as it seems to get finished alarmingly quickly.

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